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Forging funk, soul, jazz and R&B into an irresistible sound, More Fatter charts its own course through an oasis of groove. Combining colorful melodies with fiery horns and an all around burning live spirit, their songs have a way of getting underneath your skin. They are on a mission to celebrate and unite people in new places, wherever they may be!


Hot on the heels of their debut EP, Fatterludes (Nov 2019), featuring singles Yeah You and Silly Goose, the band has been recording and releasing singles throughout 2020. The latest release is Weirdo.


More Fatter is Tommy Economou, Théo Fedronic, Gustaf Claesson, and Anthony Puducay.

More Fatter - Weirdo (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

More Fatter - Weirdo (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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